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Emotion is a Gift

Sometimes people misunderstand that an emotion, or being an emotional person is a handicap for their living and success. But in my opinion, it can be a gift of life.

Everybody has emotions. Animals have emotion. I know because I have a dog and cats and I have watched them. Oh, don't forget about plants. They also have emotions. Even a tiny little thing such as a single cell living creature has emotion.

So what is the matter? What is the point?

There are two different patterns that emotions create.
  1. Creating begins with our inner self.
  2. Reacting from the outer incident.

And there are another two big different categories of emotions.
  1. Positive emotion: Feelings about achievement, fulfilling, accomplished, sufficient
  2. Negative emotion: Feelings of lacking, not being good enough, angry, anxiety

There is a material realm of this world in which people live. This is the external reality. The difference between human’s inner mind and external reality is that the human’s inner side is made up of information, not material.

If people choose to create a positive emotion from their inner self, then practice it in real life, it becomes a positive circulation. It is that they choose a) to 1).

If they choose to create a negative emotion from an outer incident such as reacting, it becomes a negative circulation. It is that they choose b) to 2).

So having a lot of emotions is not a shame or weakness. They can be a power and an energy resource. It is only a matter if someone chooses how.

For example, some people have suddenly a lack of energy, weakness by their subconsciousness, unconsciousness. Then it is becoming a negative circulation.

If they are in a negative circulation, they choose, they decide, and they practice those things in real life and possibly more.

But on the other hand, how about if we practice a positive circulation in our life?
Then possibly better things will happen in our life. Because there will become more chances we can do based on positive emotions.

When people try to feel a positive emotion, they try to see something or experience something from an outer incident. And if they found there's not, they start to feel a lacking, weakness, discontent such as negative emotions. So choosing "b) to 1)", which is "feeling the positive emotion from the outiside incident”, won't keep happening. It becomes easily “b) to 2)”, which is “feeling the negative emotion from outside incident”, the negative circulation.

Those are what we create, and the power is given to us by the god or nature what we can believe. The important thing is all the people in the world have the same ability but just people don't know how and they can't practice it.

Meditating, praying, autosuggestion, hypnosis is all based on the same purpose that is “creating positive emotion by ourselves”. That is changing our inner mind and inner environment. And what I said is simple logic, which is how to choose a process of emotion creating.

I mentioned about "a neutralized feeling" before because if we choose to create a positive feeling from our inner then it doesn't be bound by an outer incident anymore. That's why I say "a neutralized feeling", or "an unattached feeling", or “a pure emotion”

Therefore we can be fulfilled in any circumstances. And make our feelings become a real thing.

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When I was a child, I used to make animation with adobe flash program. Then I wanted to make a game with it, so I start coding with action script. That was the first time I started programming.
The methodology of Deduction Theory is the same as the way I do my usual work.
In fact, when I look at the code that goes over 500 lines, I have no sense and I can not remember all of them. Even these days, I still can not remember some of simple code syntax, so I often google it.
Instead, I keep track of what kind of thinking the code was made in, and what relativity information it uses. This is a coding methodology, a coding style or a computing perspective in Deduction Theory
By understanding how to think, you can compare how handling information better. This is the essence, and the most important thing.
The remaining space in the program can be filled by the power of Google and stack overflow.
I think you also can do a massive high-quality information processing by this way without confusing into new technologies and tens of thousands of lines of codes that are constantly being created.

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