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An Illusion That Many of the Things were Already Existed from the Beginning


In the 1990s Mark was an elementary school student.
He would sometimes go to his father's office to spend time. His father, Ed, was a practicing dentist.

Ed's office had a personal computer. He taught Mark how to make software on the computer. Mark liked to work with his father to create something called software on the computer. The first web browser was released in 1993. Mark, he was in the third grade of elementary school, was devoted to making a homepage accessible through a web browser. Mark built his own homepage, built his father's thing, and made other family things.

At that time, the homepage was just a page, and there was a photograph of the person, self introduction, and phrases that he wanted to leave. On the homepage, there was a part that Mark considered very important, and it was the link of other people that the owner of the homepage knew. Elementary student Mark asked people whenever he met like this: "Do you have a homepage? I have mine, do you want to exchange links with me?"

He drew a diagram on a large piece of paper to see whose page was connected to someone else. A homepage usually had links to about 10 other people, it made a complex web structure by building blocks of people's homepages and connecting them with lines. Mark was the person with the most spider web among them.

He thought.
"It would be great if the software could automatically find out each other's homepages and exchange links, and I hope that other neighbors would be able to find updated content on the homepage that was next to them, in real time."

He defined this relationship as a way to find someone else's homepage and exchange links and news in real time. After he defined this engineering relativity information, he could use it to create another relativity information, which is humanistic meaning. For example, exchanging links is an expression of mutual interest, and an activity that shows this interest allows a person to use software to create a social relationship. Mark's idea thus began.
Time has passed since then.
The Internet has grown considerably around the year 2000, and it has become a routine task to have tens of millions of people using the Internet, using email, and having a homepage. Mark, who was elementary student, became a college student.

He talked with the people he met at school and accidentally thought that he would be able to reuse ideas he had created during his childhood. He reassembled the relativity information he had thought at elementary school to create a page for people, automatically linking them, and creating a service that allows people to know their neighbor's updates in real time.

So the service called Facebook was born.

Larry and Sergey

Larry and Sergey were college doctoral classmates.

They were studying algorithms that "sort out the information people trust."
This is when there is a lot of information in the world, such as nature choices in the biosphere, among which there are patterns that people choose to believe are more reliable, and if you select information while updating the pattern in real time on the system, To provide faster delivery. They created relativity information that defines the credibility of information.

Larry and Sergey are concerned about the amount of time people stay on a web page, where they click on it, the relationship between the words mentioned in the web page and the entire article, of the total. And they made the rankings indexed so that when someone searches, they reassembled them in order. And that such rankings are not fixed as absolute but rather adjusted to reflect the real-time selection of users. They named the technology "PageRank" and applied for a patent and then started an Internet search service company in the garage.

So the service called Google was born.


Bill, a high school student, was excited about the personal computer assembly kits just out of the 1970s.
Until then, he was pleasurely devoted of basic programming on large computers introduced into schools.

He realized how an expensive large computer could do the important thing or just becoming as a meaningless shelf space, depending on how people created the software program. This is because Bill and his friends, who are high school students, went to a large computer machine for research at each university and found that they had been left dusty things because they did not have a software representative until they installed the program.

He realized that the relationship between software and computer hardware was a big shock for personal computers. Bill's personal mini-computer was a great tool, just like a big computer at school, when software installed properly.

He imagined a world where people work on computers. In the world, he was a person who created and set up relativity information about how people would work using computers.

He went to college but could not stop thinking about computer software. He quit his college and made a software company. Bill 's parents supported him as they had been since he was a child. His mother introduced a new software business for his son to an IBM executive who met at a charitable donation party.

IBM, a well-known computer company, was just about to plan a personal computer business and was looking for operating system software for their personal computers. Bill purchased a copy of the DOS operating system that runs on the assembly personal computer kit, modified it to work on an IBM computer, branded it as his own company, and then delivered it to IBM.

That was the beginning of Microsoft.


Steve dropped out of his college.
He visited the free lunch, audited the classes, and traveled to India for half a year.

He was an adopted child. Steve also suffered confusion over the identity of the adoptees.
"Why am I here like this?"
"Do I have a fault, so my biological parents have forsaken me?"
"Am I a person that I can actually be loved?"
"Yes, I am a special person, I am not a person with a flaw, but a person with a special value than others."

This confusion and repulsion for self-destructive thoughts forced Steve to constantly find his meaning. He believed that he had special values than others and tried to prove it.

Steve's excellence is in asking himself what his special value is and making his own relativity information. He was surprised when a personal computer kit appeared as Bill was. He convinced his friend Wozniak to work together and sold a personal computer assembly kit to people. He did not stop here. He created the relativity information that made his computer different from other computers.

His computer was the first personal computer to have a beautiful font in its letters. And it introduced the first interface to display a window on the screen and handle it with the mouse pointer, not just the code that typed the terminal screen. The technology was developed at another company's laboratory, but it was his first time to re-assemble it on a personal computer. His personal computer was the reason he created the meaning of "why" to do so.

So the legend of Apple Computer began.

An Illusion That Many of the Things were Already Existed from the Beginning

There is an illusion that many things in this world have already been discovered, already developed, already invented, already defined, and already fixed. There is an illusion that many things in this world are already exited from the beginning. That's and obsessing about results. Then we can not think of anything new.

The brilliant minds who have entered the top-level colleges say:
"I do not think there's anything our generation can do because there are so many geniuses in the past that have already discovered and invented so many things."
"The past generation seems to have gotten more of an opportunity than we did. Becuase it was less competitive than now, and people were indifferent to information, so they could succeed if they were a little better than others, but nowadays everyone knows somewhat so we can not succeed easily."
"The achievements of past generations make ourselves to shrink because we don’t seem to be able to do much better than they did."

It’s not like that. It is an illusion.
Unfortunately, they can not create a new things while they have such an idea.

All those who are envious, shrinking, comforting, and discouraging by looking at successful geniuses in the past are all obsessed with result information. Such as the honor and accomplishments of the geniuses and the economic success of the geniuses, the result information block people's eyes and prevent new creation.

But this world has never been changed.
Successful geniuses have been curious about relativity information and have been steadfast in finding and creating it.

They do not think the world is already defined.
They think about 'why' and find out 'why' by themselves.
They think about 'how' and find out 'how' by themselves.
They think about how to help people and find out how to do it themselves.
These ”why and how” are the relativity informations.

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The remaining space in the program can be filled by the power of Google and stack overflow.
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