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Shadows of Angels

It was late afternoon when the sun was falling.
John, who was 10 years old, was walking home with his father Nick.
On that day, John played a practice game on the Junior Baseball team. Many parents came and watched. Of course, Nick also went.

John was a left fielder. Because it was an elementary school children's team, there was not much chance that the ball going to there. John had polio and his right leg was a little short. And he has congenital heart disease. The heart valve was malformed, causing arrhythmia. For that reason, John was a cared child. When the ball came to him, he picked it up and threw it to his closest friend, or rolled it, and then it was all he had to deliver. Other friends helped next to him.

John thought positively about his role. He did the job with all of his heart and effort, even though his work seemed trivial as a result. It was influenced by his father Nick. Nick began to take care of John when John was 2 years old, so he moved his work to a place near his home and began to focus more on taking care of him. He watched John for a long time and helped John to do what he want to do, or conversely, to let John learn what he was doing. From his point of view as a father, it was a pleasure that John tries anything even he has disability.

Children who experience severe illness during childhood, such as John, have a tendency to lose intelligence and learning skills statistically. But John had a good habit of constantly concentrating on his favorite work. He was able to overcome the effects of physical disabilities. This was also due to Nick's influence. Nick looked after John's work from the side after he came home from his work, and he taught John which is helpful for him. Nick did not receive any professional training on how to teach a child with a disability, but he did a great job as John's teacher.

On that day John became only one time batter to stand at the box. This was also the consideration of the junior team to ensure that all team members must stand at batter’s box at least once. Of course, John couldn’t hit the ball. His ability was barely enough to hold the bat. he was not able to hit the fast ball.

John and Nick walked along the countryside with a sunset. They walked silently for a long time. When it made a long shadow by the sun so it became about twice their height, Nick asked John "Did you have fun today?"

"Yeah." John nodded and replied.
"I wish I could hit the ball once, and you would like me to do that too?"
John asked. John had a desire to show himself doing better to his father.

"I ..." Nick answered.
"I’m well either way you hit the ball or you couldn’t hit it. The ball can be hit or missed because there are things you can not decide, like the one throwing the ball that affect the on the game. For example, today's pitcher Bobby threw the ball so fast that you were hard to hit."

"But it's all yours when you focus on yourself and make your own way, and no one can not take it away. I feel good when you concentrate on what you do. Because you are looking for your own way, I feel so good."

John nodded, smiling at satisfaction. Nick stroked John's head. The wind blew softly. Their elongated shadows shimmered in the fall fields. The shadows were in the shape of angels.

John H. Simpson
He overcame polio and congenital diseases and was well educated. He became a doctor and successfully did many surgeries. He later created the Nicholas Simpson Foundation, named after his father, and provided free medical care to children suffering from congenital diseases such as polio and heart disease. He became the  winner of "Peace Prize of the Year" in 1996.

John reminded the memories with his father when he stood on the stage and talked to people.
"I had a good father who gave me a lot of attention when I was a kid and I also tried to show him that I was doing well in response to the expectation. But what he said to me was unexpectedly It is not important that we do something good or not by the result."

"People want to get a good result in moments, for example, you want to hit a home run in a baseball game. But when the game ends and you're home, it has already been through time, then it becomes meaingless. Although I have been involved in creating the record like result information, but they are not really my own. Because some of the factors that make the outcome of the work outward can not be determined by myself."

"My father told me that focusing on ourselves and creating our own problem-solving skills is more important than anything such as hitting the ball, hish scoring, and consequently succeeding. He told me that the habit I make does not fade and can be completely my own."

"I was born with a natural disability, but the disability was not my own, it was like the external environmental conditions given to me. I recall what my father told me when things were not working well or being difficult, I have focused on my own way of solving what I have to face inside, so I could achieve many things that seem difficult to succeed and also I could help others too."

30 years ago, ideas that began with John and Nick's conversation at the sunset eventually affected the whole world because of their steady practice. The angels that they created in their hearts spread throughout the world. One evolutionologist called this a phenomenon in which meme, information created by human imagination from consciousness, affect other human beings. Goodness was not the result of any person, thing, or event, but something that originated in our mind. It was the way we thought, the way we practiced.

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When I was a child, I used to make animation with adobe flash program. Then I wanted to make a game with it, so I start coding with action script. That was the first time I started programming.
The methodology of Deduction Theory is the same as the way I do my usual work.
In fact, when I look at the code that goes over 500 lines, I have no sense and I can not remember all of them. Even these days, I still can not remember some of simple code syntax, so I often google it.
Instead, I keep track of what kind of thinking the code was made in, and what relativity information it uses. This is a coding methodology, a coding style or a computing perspective in Deduction Theory
By understanding how to think, you can compare how handling information better. This is the essence, and the most important thing.
The remaining space in the program can be filled by the power of Google and stack overflow.
I think you also can do a massive high-quality information processing by this way without confusing into new technologies and tens of thousands of lines of codes that are constantly being created.

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