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More Than any Movie

I was in the jail for six months in 2012. I won the trial by being innocent. It was made from a woman I've dated for four years.

She accused me that about my mental illness. I had recorded with my school dropped out, and I went to military duty, and they put me in the military hospital, and later they discharged me by the reason of my mental illness.

That evil one first asked me money and share of the profit from the future that I will make when she left me. Like I looked like very successful by doing my business, so she asked me the share of the profit because she only has dated me. I said no, I refused that kind of scam.

Then she made a fake charge that I pretend to have mental illness to discharge from the military duty. She said she saw I was very normal and smart so it's impossible I had the mental illness. And the evil prosecutor agreed to the same.

I captured even I didn't run away and told them every detail of my story. The prosecutor's logic of his opinion was simple, that I was too smart to have the mental problem.

I've captured and went to the government hospital for examining. You might know, all they were hostile to me. It seemed really impossible to win the case. Nevertheless, I didn't surrender to the prosecutor with confession and plea-bargaining by admitting I am guilty.

The prosecutor has tried plea-bargaining many times. He even said I can be free immediately if I admit a little guilty for myself. However, I said no, so I couldn't contact outside at all while I stayed in the government hospital. He isolated me in the entire process at the trial to expect me to be destroyed by myself.  

In the hospital, I helped people who were every patient also criminal suspect and prisoner.

People started respecting me because I heard their problem and gave them answer what they couldn't get from the doctor. And I helped them to be free from the suffering they had by writing legal petition paper for them.

They couldn't have the legal knowledge to make it before they met me. I heard their story and wrote the papers for them to appeal to the court what was wrong in their perspective.   

They said that I must win because of them. They said if I win, they will consider it is their winning too.

When I went to the court to say last speech, I said like this.

"Judge, if you see that I am guilty, then you can make me go to the jail as a prisoner. And if you want me to go on military duty again, I can do that as well.

However, it's not right you say to a mental patient that they cannot be smart as ordinary people, It's not right to say to them to have an ordinary life as the other people have.

The law should be fair to everyone. It's not a tool for judging the social position. It's a tool for to be equitable to every people, every citizen.

So I don't agree about the prosecutor's claim on me.

What I've diagnosed was not my will. It was a label given to me by the society. I asserted always I wasn't a crazy person. I fought against to the prejudice upon me. I tried to survive. I tried to change the world where I live better.  

Nevertheless, this time, this society where I live asking me that I am a fake, they've first labeled me that I'm crazy, and now trying to deny what they did, they want to shut me up. They want me just to disappear.

Yes, once I thought about disappearing. I thought about suicide because everybody hated me like the same situation for now. In my school time, one student told me that he wanted me to be dead, so he could not see me anymore. He said he could not accept a person like me standing in this world and lives freely and confidently. He said it made him feel miserable by himself. Even I didn't do anything to him.   

So I thought about dying myself. Because many people have stress by just my presence, my being, my practicing.

But, I changed my mind. Because there were also some people hidden, and they told me to go further. They were shrunk and forbidden to speak. They said if I win, they become a winner too.

Judge, so I can be guilty if you decide that way. Because it's not my choice to be diagnosed as the mental patient.   

Nevertheless, including you and the prosecutor must apologize to every mental patient in this world. About that, you guys have a stereotype, a wrong opinion that mental patient has lower intelligence than other, and they cannot have a better life than other.

I want both of your apologizing. I rest my case."

Sometimes people ask me what is my favorite movie, or music. However, I answer there is none usually, even I use to listen to music and watch a movie. Because I've never seen any movie better than I've actually lived. That's why I don't have favorite movie or music. Mine is always more serious, and more important. I'm busy with my story, living my own, the real one.   

While I had the speech, I saw light coming out from my body, there were no noises anymore. I saw only the light I had. I realized the way as Jesus Christ said helping a neighbor, and forgiving an enemy.

The student has wanted me to be dead was my enemy. Nevertheless, I didn't react to him. The neighbors were the patient I helped, by giving them hopes and making the world better by giving my greed up.   

At that time, I realized that I achieved a stage, and the time came to go to the next level, to make my own world. There was nothing remained to make me afraid to go on.

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Hello, I'm Kenneth Lee. I'm a business man who live in South Korea and America. I work in the software company "Deduction Theory, LLC" as CEO.
I work with my younger brother Chase Lee. We study Logic, Mathematics, Science, and computer information theory subject. This blog is for explaining the other people about our study.
We also working on an open source computer programming education project, Rellat. I'm looking for a translating volunteer for this project. I think this project will help many children, students, adults who are living in all around world, especially low income people. This project is free for everyone. It's designed for helping people. I will also make schools and orphanages in low income countries to teach the kids computer programming for they can have a better job.
Please visit the web page below that introduces Rellat project and tell me if you think that is worthy to give your help.
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There are Korean and English contents in this projects for translating to the other languages. I wrote all of them originally. So you can choose English or Korean from the original contents to translate whether you want.
We are opened to every language in the world. Thank you.
Hello. I'm Chase Lee. who is working on Rellat Project with Kenneth Lee.
When I was a child, I used to make animation with adobe flash program. Then I wanted to make a game with it, so I start coding with action script. That was the first time I started programming.
The methodology of Deduction Theory is the same as the way I do my usual work.
In fact, when I look at the code that goes over 500 lines, I have no sense and I can not remember all of them. Even these days, I still can not remember some of simple code syntax, so I often google it.
Instead, I keep track of what kind of thinking the code was made in, and what relativity information it uses. This is a coding methodology, a coding style or a computing perspective in Deduction Theory
By understanding how to think, you can compare how handling information better. This is the essence, and the most important thing.
The remaining space in the program can be filled by the power of Google and stack overflow.
I think you also can do a massive high-quality information processing by this way without confusing into new technologies and tens of thousands of lines of codes that are constantly being created.

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